An experience driven by the passion to cultivate the potential in all students’ math ability


About Us

Our Vision is to advance students’ understanding of Mathematics from 1+1 to improved self-esteem, enhanced career opportunities, and increased potential for success. Our Mission is to develop and enhance students’ confidence with all levels of mathematics through 1-on-1, in-home interactive sessions that simultaneously promote positive personal development.

We are an educational and mentoring service focused on strengthening students’ math confidence and skills through a family-oriented approach. We make an impact beyond the gradebook. It is our priority to ensure that all of our families have access to quality educational resources and opportunities that they may not otherwise have. These resources include a network of professionals with advanced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) degrees, access to scholarships for college education, and external activities to learn more life-skills.

Core Values

We believe all of our students, parents, tutors, and other Afrithmetic associates should always practice their M.A.T.H. values:


We motivate students to perform their best for success by heightening their self-esteem through improving their math skills.


Every interaction with our service is warm and welcoming as we strive for utmost approachability. We dually serve as tutors and mentors guiding students towards excellent opportunities.


Whether a student begins below or above average there is always room for improvement. We transform their self-confidence alongside their performance with numbers and operations.

Holistic Efforts

Our work does not stop at ensuring mastery in their math lessons. Afrithmetic fully adheres to our vision and mission as the holistic development of the student is our truest goal.

Schedule a Session

rTutoring sessions are a minimum of 1 hour and based on tutor availability. Our tutors conduct sessions at a location convenient to you. This location can be at your home, local coffee shop, school, library, or other study-like environments.

We specialize in K-12 math topics, introductory college math courses, and professional/continuing education exams such as SAT/ACT Math Prep, GRE Math, GED Math, GACE, and other topics upon request.

During the summer we will be hosting Summer Math Programs for K-12 students and have unique Recap & Prepare Sessions. The Harvard Graduate School of Education reports that “on average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of learning in math over the summer”. The Recap & Prepare Sessions help students strengthen and retain their math skills from the previous school year while preparing them to be successful throughout the upcoming school year.

To schedule a Tutoring Session or request a Recap & Prepare Session email us at

For more information on our Summer Math Programs, visit the Summer Math page or email us at


Summer Math Programs

Detailed Square Dreambuilders Flyer

Dreambuilders: Bringing Math Home is a three day math summer program for rising 4th-8th graders to strengthen their math skills through creating their own apartment layout. The program will consist of workshops that encourage creativity, critical thinking, and instill confidence through learning about budgeting, measurements, scaling, geometry, and other technology-based topics. After students have matriculated through each workshop, they will create teams to design the layout of their apartments! Each team will have a budget to purchase furniture, a catalog with furniture options and dimensions, and other tools to create physical and digital final products to present!

Register for Session 1 Here

Register for Session 2 Here

DB Fundraiser Flyer

We believe quality math instruction outside of the classroom should be easily accessible for all families despite financial restrictions. Donations to our cause will help fulfill our mission and purpose of this summer program by subsidizing the cost for some families.

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Meet Our Staff

Our Wonderful Afrithmetic Team


Michole Washington

Founder/Executive Director

Michole was raised in Riverdale/College Park, GA and attended the Math/Science Magnet Program at Westlake High School. She is the 9th African-American to earn a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Michole has had the opportunity to conduct research at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, California and participated in the Budapest Semester in Mathematics Program in Hungary, Europe. She created Afrithmetic because everything she believes in and works for is centered around improving the mathematics education curriculum, especially for minorities. She will to continue her education at the University of Michigan, pursuing her Masters in Applied Mathematics and Ph.D. in Mathematics Education beginning Fall 2017.

Aysia Guy

Director of Tutoring Services

Raised in Atlanta, GA, Aysia graduated from Valdosta State University (VSU) with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics degree and a Minor in Entrepreneurship. While attending VSU, Aysia worked as a Mathematics Tutor for four years and as a Supplemental Instructor for two years. As the Director of Tutoring Services, Aysia oversees that all team members, including Tutors, are sufficiently trained through the Afrithmetic Tutoring Training. She also utilizes customer feedback in order to improve our services by conducting math pedagogy research continuously. Her love for math started at Westlake High School when in the Math/Science Magnet Program. She has a passion for teaching students and strives to encourage students to build a strong math background. Aysia is pursuing her Masters of Arts in Mathematics and Doctoral of Philosophy in Mathematics at Georgia State University.

Oanh Nguyen

General Manager

Oanh learned the importance of mentorship and community involvement early on as a student in the Math/Science Magnet Program at Westlake High School in Atlanta, GA. She holds a BBA in Managerial Sciences with a concentration in Human Resources from Georgia State University. In addition to the institutional knowledge she has gained from school, she uses her experience as a former manager and several positions in HR to implement policies and procedures needed to staff the tutors of Afrithmetic. It is her goal to ensure that all tutors who represent Afrithmetic not only have the knowledge to coach our students on their academic needs, but also for their personal development and growth. Oanh also works as the Senior Human Resources Assistant for the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Rialto, California.